1. Mr. Rhoel Cruz Barbosa (PEE)-Construction Manager, Kinden Philippines Corporation “We would like to inform your good office that last night 25 September 2002 at around 7:20 pm there was a tremendous lightning storm that occurred in the vicinity of LRT 2 Depot and one of our newly installed lightning protection system was directly hit by lightning. The said installation is located at Area 5 and on top of 30 meter pole which is identified as TL 10. To further support that it was directly hit by lightning, we checked the lightning event counter and it was properly registered in the lightning event counter. Based on these concepts our installed lightning protection system which is ERITECH System 3000 is very effective and would provide continuous coverage and protection for our Depot Line 2 structures. Being an advanced lightning protection system based on latest lightning research and technology ERITECH System 3000 is an efficient system and of very high quality.”
  2. Mr. Alex Joseph Valluvassery-Senior Manager (Network Services), Idea Cellular Limited “Out of the 70 Nos of lightning protection systems purchased, installation and commissioning were satisfactorily carried out for 63 sets as per our requirements during 2008. We wish them all the best in their future assignments”
  3. Mr. Jacob Mathew-Chief Manager (Engineering-Implementation), Escotel Mobile Communication “Our installations faced four direct strikes during 1998-99 and System 3000 were effective in neutralizing its effects. It has been proven that the Six Point Protection Plan suggested by ERICO if implemented in letter and spirit can give near total protection to the installations from Direct Lightning Strikes as well as from Surges through the power lines. Also I would like to place on record that as a customer we are very much satisfied with the support you have offered to us during the time of the emergencies.”